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A few weeks ago, we welcomed our sweet baby boy into the world. Life has felt a little crazy since then, as we have made the adjustment to having two kiddos at home. But now that we’re getting into the swing of things, I thought I’d finally sit down and share our son’s birth story.

Luke Anthony was born via scheduled induction on May 27th, after a very swift labor. During my pregnancy, I had a feeling that this boy was going to be big–his movements (and my size) were more than enough to tell me that. But my doctor assured me that though I was measuring about 2 weeks ahead (which never happened with my daughter), she didn’t expect the baby to weigh more than about 8.5 pounds. I remained a little anxious about his size though, so we opted to schedule an induction for just two days past my due date.

We arrived at the hospital at 7:30 in the morning on May 27th, and they started me on Pitocin right away.  I was already 3-4 cm dilated before we began, and since I experienced rapid labor with my daughter, my doctor expected things to move along pretty quickly. After about 2 hours on pitocin, I was experiencing pretty mild and regular contractions. At this point, the doctor came in and broke my water. This is when things started to pick up! About 30 minutes later, the contractions were much stronger, and I asked for the epidural.

By the time the epidural was placed, about an hour later, I had progressed to about 7 or 8 cm. In other words, things were moving FAST, and I was definitely feeling it! But the epidural kicked in quickly, and I began to feel very relaxed. I was even joking and laughing with my husband between contractions. The atmosphere in the room was so laid back, and I couldn’t believe how different this experience felt compared to the previous birth of our daughter. The epidural was doing its thing, and I felt great–so consider me surprised when my doctor checked me a few minutes later and asked if I wanted to start pushing!

And then our son was born. He entered the world at 1:36 pm, after only 15 minutes of pushing. My suspicions about his size were also confirmed, much to my doctor’s surprise! He weighed a whopping 10 lbs 5 oz, and measured 20.5 inches long! I still can’t believe I gave birth to a 10 pound baby, especially since my recovery has been so smooth this time around. It’s crazy, but I’m so proud of what my body accomplished!

So without further ado, here are some sweet newborn photos of our chunky baby boy.💙

Introducing: Luke Anthony Steingrobe

Born May 27 at 1:36 pm

10 lb 5 oz, 20.5 inches

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