Ruby is Two! | Springfield, Oregon Milestone Photographer

Remember this post? It’s hard to believe, but that sweet, tiny baby is two years old!

As a new mom, I remember being completely overwhelmed and unsure how to raise this tiny human of mine. Every phase of her life was new and exciting, but also terrifying. But here we are, two years later, and I’m starting to feel like somewhat of a veteran. At least I hope I am, since we’re about to do it all again with baby #2 next month! We’ve gone through the sleep regressions, teething, and her first bouts of illness. We cheered for her as she learned to sit up, crawl, took her first steps, and took off running. We couldn’t stop smiling when she said her first words over a year ago, and now she amazes us each day with full sentences. There are no sweeter words to hear than “I love you, mama!” as she snuggles up to me after a long day. We’ve gone through weaning and giving up the pacifier, to sleeping in her very own big girl bed. Nothing prepares you for the number of changes that happen in the first two years, but it’s been so fun watching it all unfold firsthand.

Now here we are! Ruby has grown into such a sweet and energetic little girl. She loves to romp and rough house with her daddy, but she also loves to read books and do anything artistic (painting and coloring are where it’s at). She loves trucks and all things that go, but she is also fascinated with the ocean and sea life. She knows all of her colors and shapes, the alphabet, and she can count to 10. I tell her to slow down every day, because this mama is struggling to keep up! Our home is constantly filled with her tiny voice and lots of laughter. She may have a fiery spirit at times (she is two, after all), but the light and joy she brings us makes even the biggest meltdowns worthwhile.

We took Ruby’s two year photos the other day, and I was reminded of all the ways she has grown. She even picked out her outfit, complete with her “princess tutu” and her favorite flower sandals (which are now, sadly, getting too small). These photos make me smile, and I can’t wait for the months to come and the memories we will make in this third year of her life.

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