Dancing Deer Mountain Wedding | Christine & Grant | Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer

We kicked off our summer wedding season on June 22nd with Christine and Grant’s wedding, and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day! The sunshine poured through the trees at Dancing Deer Mountain, and the whole day was brimming with joy, special moments, and Harry Potter references–it was certainly an occasion to remember!

Christine and Grant met online more than 4 years ago, where they connected over their shared interests in Harry Potter and Friends. In fact, Grant’s first message to Christine asked her to choose between these two fandoms, to which Christine replied, “I don’t choose favorites”. They hit it off immediately!

So it was only natural for them to incorporate their love for Harry Potter and Friends into their wedding day. During their ceremony, Christine and Grant made the “unbreakable vow” (by wrapping a ribbon around each others’ hands).  They also exited their ceremony to the theme song of Friends, which had me singing along to the lyrics “I’ll be there for you” while snapping away with my camera.

Another fun detail was Christine’s dress! It converted from an elegant fitted dress to one with a full skirt. This skirt was especially beautiful while she twirled around on the dance floor during their choreographed first dance!

Finally, did I mention daisies? At their engagement session, I remember being excited to find out that daisies are Christine’s favorite flower, because they are mine as well! So it was fun seeing daisies pop up in the decor, sprinkled on the lawn of their ceremony, and featured as the main flower in her bouquet. It also seemed fitting for Christine and Grant to be sent off at the end of the day while their friends and family tossed daisy petals at them– which was actually improvised, but it turned out so fun!

Christine and Grant spent their honeymoon in Maui, and we hope they had the best time! Their wedding day was so beautiful, and we are so excited for them as they begin their married lives together. Congratulations, you two!!





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