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I’ve said it before, but time needs to slow down! It feels like yesterday that I met Jessica and Jessie for their maternity session, and now their sweet baby girl is a whole year old! Now that I have a baby of my own, the whole concept of time is bewildering to me. Watching your child grow and change every day is such an amazing (and bittersweet) process! But getting to capture these sweet milestones for my clients, from pregnancies to birthdays (and the sweet moments in between), is a huge reason why I love what I do!

Jessica and Jessie’s daughter, Elizabeth, celebrated her first birthday on Wednesday. She got to try fro-yo for the first time and her parents even ordered her own dinner from the kid’s menu!

When asked about some of the highlights from Elizabeth’s first year, Jessica was happy to list a few. She says Elizabeth has always been a happy, well-mannered girl, who started sleeping through the night at just a month old. She has been a huge talker since she was three months old, and her first words were dada, mama, and no. She has also been on a few trips this past year, including her first beach trip at three months old (she slept in the car the whole way there and back), and her first flight to Louisiana to visit family in May.

This past year, Jessica and Jessie have loved watching Elizabeth discover the wold and learn new things. They’ve also loved cuddling her and getting to see all the joy she brings everyone. But of course, parenthood isn’t always a walk in the park! Jessica says that the adjustment to sleep deprivation and losing some of her freedoms (time for hobbies, date nights, and going out to eat late at night, for example) has been a challenge. But overall, she says they have been so blessed to have such a healthy and happy girl. “She’s made life so fun,” said Jessica. “We can’t wait to see how she grows and learns!”

  1. Anna Bright grandmother says:

    Every picture overwhemling beautiful!! Brought such joy to my heart besides tears

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