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 If you’ve worked with me before, you’ve probably met my husband Anthony. Anthony helps with my business in so many ways– carrying my equipment, managing my expenses, you name it! But besides working full time and helping me with my business, he also coaches high school lacrosse. A few weeks ago,  when Anthony told me his team would be playing a game in Sisters, OR on March 23rd, we decided this would be a wonderful excuse for a getaway!  So we booked a hotel room in Bend for that Friday and looked forward to this much needed change of scenery.

Little did we know how perfectly timed this trip would be! When Kaitlin and Ben booked me for their wedding a few weeks back, they informed me that scheduling their engagement session might be tricky–Kaitlin lives in California for school most of the year, while Ben lives and works in Washington. However, they expected to be in Central Oregon for a short time in March–around the same time my husband and I would be there! So we went ahead and planned their session for that Saturday (and prayed it wouldn’t rain).

When that Saturday rolled around, Anthony and I had a few hours to kill before meeting Kaitlin and Ben for their session. We decided this would be a great time to walk around Sisters and even visit Smith Rock (I had never been). On our way back from Smith Rock, we saw signs for Cline Falls State Park and decided to check that out as well. What a treasure this was! The park itself itself was beautiful,  but if you hike a short trail (maybe a quarter mile), that’s where the real magic happens. As you reach the end of the trail, the sound of roaring water becomes the first clue that you’ve made it– and when you look toward the river, a stunning waterfall emerges in your field of view! It was definitely worth the short pitstop.

After that, we headed to Suttle Lake to meet Kaitlin and Ben. Unfortunately, we didn’t anticipate that it would be dumping snow when we got there! After attempting to wait the snow out, I asked Kaitlin and Ben if they’d be open to going somewhere a little dryer for their session. “Do you know where Cline Falls is?” I asked them, excited about the beautiful place we had explored earlier. Kaitlin  informed me that she was familiar with the area, so we left Suttle Lake en route for Cline Falls–which turned out to be a beautiful (and much warmer) location to shoot. Kaitlin also grew up going to Cline Falls, and it was so fun to hear stories about her childhood adventures there. That was such a cool surprise!

Ben and Kaitlin met in the summer of 2016 in Sequim Washington, while Kaitlin was interning at Ben’s church. Kaitlin’s friend from school had known Ben and his family for years and knew the two would be perfect together. “We hit it off after a series of embarrassing events,” Kaitlin said. Among these things, Kaitlin said she fell down the stairs (we’ve all been there!) and also inhaled a balloon Ben had blown up, believing it was full of helium. She also jumped on top of him while he was in dressed in a shark suit, thinking he was someone else. “Apparently I didn’t scare him too badly and we started dating shortly there after,” she said.

Fast forward: During Christmas break this past year, Kaitlin visited Ben in Sequim, Washington. While she was visiting, Ben told Kaitlin that his sister wanted to do a photoshoot for them. So they went to one of Kaitlin’s favorite places, The Voice of America, which has a beautiful view of the Olympic Mountain Range. While Kaitlin was looking into the distance for an eagle Ben had seen, Ben knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry him! (Yep, there was no eagle!) “I don’t remember much from that day other than being over the moon excited to spend the rest of my life with him!” Kaitlin said.

In the short time we spent with Kaitlin and Ben, it was clear that they share a beautiful connection with each other. They will be getting married on September 8th at Long Hollow Ranch, and we’re already so excited to see them again! When we asked Kaitlin what she’s most looking forward to that day, she said she’s most excited for the first look. “I cannot wait to see Ben as he turns around and sees me, his bride, for the first time!”

We know their special day will be just as sweet and  full of love as they are.

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